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The Heiresses


Sanou, an excellent student at a college in Seine-Saint-Denis classified REP +, entered his second year at the prestigious Lycée Henri-IV, in Paris. As she struggles to familiarize herself with her new surroundings, she becomes the tutor of Khady, a ball of energy and anger passionate about hip-hop, a third grader at her old school. The two teenagers will live a decisive year.


Tracy Gotoas

Josephine de Meaux

Olivia Côte

Soufiane Guerrab

Fanny Cottençon

Amaury de Crayencour

Etienne Diallo

Series created by
Sébastien Paris and Éric Vérat

Episodes 1 to 3

Antoine Garceau

Episodes 4 & 5
Magaly Richard-Serrano

Original music
Maïdi Roth & Frack Pilant